Hello everyone! Now there will be a good
prescription for worms Hello! We need a good recipe for worms And generally for rinsing the liver,
intestines, immunity, so that there was a complex set for this. Do you
know it? Both rinsing and replenishing Do you know any recipe? We have a very good recipe
for worms, many drink it The effect is very good Wormwood is here common wormwood Take one glass 1 glass of wormwood 1 glass of tansy Yarrow Yarrow Melilot Very good herb,
increases immunity, thins blood And buckthorn bark. It is a little
laxative, the effect is very good The bark. That`s it! Mix everything, grind to powder 1 teaspoonful of the herb
in a glass, it will draw As soon as you had your
breakfast drink 1 glass at once then, 1 glass at
bedtime after meal Or, you can do it another way: not in
15 minutes, but in an hour, or so? It may be in an hour
or half an hour I get it. Better later, so that
the gastric juice does not dilute Then, in an hour and a half.
All right? If you have problems with stomach
– you can drink it in an hour The effect is very good Drink it
10 days, mornings and evenings, and 10 days off Then another 10 days to drink This is 1 course of treatment,
all worms will go away The whole body is cleared of worms and for
immunity this collection it`s very good The liver is cleaned wormwood and tansy clean liver It`s also good for
blood pressure Melolot liquefies blood,
helps good with the pressure So, and who has a
specific effect? Me, myself. I`ve been
giving it to my children One had rash on his
legs – it passed Another had spots on his face For 10 days he had been taking it, and 10 days
off. Then, another 10 days and everything passed! Passed. The rash and
white spots are over. I have made an
excellent observation of my children. This mixture can be made
1 time for 2 months There`ll be a very good effect So, 10 days of drinking, 10 days
off and 10 more days of drinking Yes. 2 times, or 3
times also acceptable? 20 days to drink,
10 days are off Great recipe! Very good one You try
it – you’ll like it too And I`ve already tried Yes. I liked it. I
drink it all the time We published your recipe in a book
called “Treatment with Gifts of Nature” So, thank you very much Thank you too! And see you next time! Goodbye! Thanks

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4 thoughts on “WORMS! UZBEK RECIPE FOR PARASITES! Vitaliy Ostrovskiy

  1. Было бы здорово, если бы вы перечислили травы на русском с английским переводом. Легче будет понимать. Nice lecture. It is always nice to watch a young good looking lady talking about benefits of herbs. Девушка такая щедрая, с лихвой накладывает травы. Thank you

  2. На мой взгляд русские субтитри здесь не нужны. Мой муж ирландец и смотрит этот канал, тут уже есть английские субтитри и перевод на травы уже есть, Вы не знали? :))) А если под каждое видео напишите и русское и английское наименование трав – это очень к стати:) Спасибо:)

  3. Многоуважаемый Виталий Семёнович. На каком базаре вы проводили съёмку. Я из Ташкента.

  4. Спасибо за канал о здоровом питании!!Ну а на английском..вообще Зачет!!Как раз для меня ДВА В ОДНОМ!!

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