Wrong YouTube Subtitles Rap

Oh we’re back at it again but y’all already know who this is YouTube yo subtitle game weak I gotta do this Father forgive me for I shall expose let’s go boys let’s make some noise full throttle moving in let’s go aaaaaaannnnnd Manuel Daza is no longer Mourinho Felix there are up to 5 million deaths William Almerinse perceived in their networks are secure ciao ciao Red Cross network is perceived in folklore jazz lands 3 million added arriving and come chillen to fish and quad Riga Chen night bye Javierre news network that laughing there are music if bedbugs stage 6h it’s key answer Serkis the black group music Ryan Church and give bedbug throat the friars’ Miche’s side and the pitching is super if I said I’m an angel or maximum and Tamen with male or home or York chat with back to you and after I have said in my work and ya ya music there is not no money should be good ya James work including names mae mae mae belle art

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